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Accomplished Washington, D.C., Firm Advises Legal Malpractice Plaintiffs

Experienced lawyer helps clients seek justice when attorneys provide ineffective counsel

If you have been victimized by legal malpractice, you need more than a strong case to succeed in a claim against the lawyer who wronged you. It is essential to retain an attorney who can effectively demonstrate the worthiness of your prior case while detailing the professional violations committed by your previous lawyer. At the Law Offices of John Lopatto in Washington, D.C., I draw on more than 40 years of experience obtaining successful results for clients throughout the area, including Virginia. Whether your case involves missed deadlines, poor trial performance or some other type of negligence or misconduct, I will develop an effective plan to recover appropriate compensation either at trial or in a settlement. My background in this area and my commitment to the highest standards of legal excellence help clients secure the outcome that they deserve.

Dedicated advocate handles Virginia lawyer negligence claims

During a free initial consultation, I can advise you about the merits of your claim and the likelihood of a successful outcome. My firm handles all types of specific malpractice allegations, including those relating to:

  • Missed deadlines and filings — Whether due to laziness, forgetfulness or poor office supervision, failing to fulfill basic requirements violates basic professional standards. I present this information in court and detail how these errors on the part of your attorney affected the outcome of your matter.
  • Failure to prepare expert witnesses — Expert witness testimony can make or break a case. However, using these witnesses effectively involves much more than paying a fee and putting them on the stand. If your case was marred by an expert witness who was not properly prepared by your attorney, my firm will review the testimony and explain your options.
  • Insufficient readiness during trials or motions — A legal matter is never routine to the affected litigants. Every lawyer has a duty to perform at a high level during trials, summary judgment motions, and other proceedings. Upon examining the record, I can identify instances where a client’s case was prejudiced by substandard advocacy.
  • Financial impropriety and conflicts of interest — Strict rules prohibit attorneys from co-mingling funds and taking cases in which their commitment to a client might be compromised. If you suspect that your former lawyer was not acting completely in your best interests, my firm will make every effort to hold him or her accountable.
  • Problems with advice and communication — No matter how qualified or experienced, an attorney must provide clear, accurate advice so that you are always informed of your legal options. Even experienced lawyers can fail to provide that kind of counsel. I work closely with plaintiffs to determine if important issues were overlooked or incorrectly explained.

Initiating legal action against a legal professional you trusted can be intimidating. Lawyers and their insurance carriers vigorously oppose legal malpractice claims, but I am just as vigorous in challenging them. My proven litigation skills and highly professional service give you the comprehensive support you need to assert your rights.

Contact a skilled Washington, D.C., legal malpractice attorney for a free initial consultation

The Law Offices of John Lopatto represents legal malpractice plaintiffs in Washington, D.C., and Virginia. Please call 703-801-9508 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my Washington, D.C., office.


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